Using .NET to Program Plug-ins for AutoCAD

Always wanted to create plug-ins for AutoCAD? Then this is the book you need to learn how. It helps you develop plug-ins in the .NET language C# using Visual Studio.

The edition was revised in 2024 to the latest versions of AutoCAD and Visual Studio at that time. The book now references AutoCAD 2025 and Visual Studio 2022.

This book is a useful resource for anyone who has no programming experience yet but wants to learn how to create plug-ins for AutoCAD. Practical examples (in full color!) explain how to use the .NET language C# in the Visual Studio editor to develop a plug-in for AutoCAD. Difficult theories are avoided as much as possible and, on the contrary, much attention is paid to the practical issues.
The structure of the chapters is focused on a bit of practice, extensive explanation of the practical part and in between some theoretical chapters about for example Coding Standards, object oriented programming and background knowledge of Visual Studio.
Besides some simple functions to start with, this book describes a complete application to manage areas (parcels, office spaces, or arbitrary areas) in AutoCAD via a Palette with the possibility to export the data to Excel. The entire application is explained with examples and variations.
When you finish the book, you will certainly be able to create useful plug-ins with smart features to greatly simplify drawing work. The first step towards becoming a successful programmer!
Do you want to download the source code? Then check it out here.