Coding Conventions and Guidelines

Always wanted to create plug-ins for AutoCAD? Then this is the book you need to learn how. It helps you develop plug-ins in the .NET language C# using Visual Studio.

Using Coding Standards and Guidelines is not only indispensable for collaborative programmers, it is also essential for independent programmers to start working in a structured way.
Code that you have written and only revisit months or years later can sometimes leave you scratching your head as to why you wrote it the way you did. Were you asleep at the time, and what did you really expect from that spaghetti code.
That’s why it’s wise to start programming consistently, to keep using the same structures to provide other programmers and of course yourself with readable and clear code.
This book contains my set of conventions. What yours will look like I do not know. You may use this set, you may modify it, or you may write a completely new set for yourself. You may delete half of the guidelines or double them.
As long as you’re going to use it….
This book is available for free download and is a supplement to “Using .NET to Program Plug-ins for AutoCAD“.